Whale Tale Thongs

Whale tale thongs surely blow the minds of the people who see them. They tease the imagination of the men who gape at their sight. They shock the minds of the conservative individuals who feel scandalized at their presence. And they blow the minds of the other young girls who want to immediately try the trend for themselves. As thongs are sexy enough by themselves, the added “peek-a-boo” effect by the whale tail trend makes the wearing of such pieces much cooler. The partial hiding of the whole sexy undergarment creates a mystery that will definitely add to the appeal of this type of bottom. This trend is increasingly becoming popular among young women, particularly party goers, university students, and well, those who have nicely shaped bottoms to flaunt.


Originally designed as an undergarment, thongs are also worn as swimwear, especially by those who have the guts to bare. The main feature of this bottom is the delicate and sexy string that replaced the traditional undergarment waistband. They are commonly called as v-strings for their characteristic shape and structure. Various designs and styles are available such as the “g-string,” the “t-back,” and the “c-string.” Wearing these became popular among young women who go to the beach and swimming parties, and even to students, creating much controversy among conservative school officials. This sexy pieces, because of their intimate looks, have also in a way become a symbol of a woman’s sexuality and eroticism.

Although designed as an undergarment and therefore is discreet clothing, this type of bottom has varying beautiful designs that are meant to be seen. Not a few internationally renowned designers have created their own distinct designs, effectively making these items a fashionable wear. For these reasons, this type of underwear is a good choice for women who want to follow the whale tail trend. The various designs available give young women a lot of choices to consider for what they will eventually wear and, well, expose.


As mentioned before, these bottoms, whether by themselves or partially exposed in a “whale tail effect,” are still considered by many as vulgar. Not a few academic institutions have banned their students to wear such undergarments. Health concerns were also raised by medical experts regarding the relation of the wearing of skimpy suits to increased infections in a woman’s genitalia. However, with the right information and much confidence, any woman can still follow the trend and feel sexy enough to show off their assets.