Whale Tale Thong Bikini

The beach just became even hotter because of the woman sporting a whale tail thong bikini. As if this is not enough, she partially hid it behind her sexy, low-rise jeans. It can be seen as an alluring tease, with the exposure made by the scintillating underwear while still maintaining that sense of mystery. It is a popular beach attire, especially among women with nicely shaped bottoms. Women by the beach wear their pants or shorts over their thongs so they can be prepared to plunge in the water at any given time. As an effect, either intentionally or not, they often times expose the waistband of their bikini bottoms from their behind, showing the characteristic “y-shape” of a whale’s tail.

Thong bikinis

Ever since the introduction of bikini in the middle of the 20th century, it has fast became the most popular swimming attire on beach and swimming resorts worldwide. The thong bikini, on the other hand, followed suit later, and with its sexier design, became the hotter version of the popular swimwear. Today, these pieces are popular not only in the beach but also in other events and venues, such as bikini competitions, parties, night clubs, and other places where they are practical and acceptable. This kind of underwear became a symbol of a woman’s sexy body, and continue to do so.

The skimpy trend

Since these bottoms are popular swimming attire, they are meant to be exposed to the public. Their designs, styles, and colors vary depending on the preferences of the wearer. There are many varying designs available for people who would want to wear revealing pieces, either alone, or with a low-rise trouser for the “whale tail effect.” These are good underwear of choice for those who would want the whale tail trend because they are already designed to be exposed and therefore are beautiful and stylish enough to be seen.

Follow when you can

This trend is still considered vulgar by many, conservative or not. Wearing these bottoms in the beach may be okay, but for some, exposing them, though partially, in public places such as parks and university campuses is a bit too much. For the part of the wearer, they should be comfortable enough to sport an attire as sexy as these items when they are in public. For however alluring and beautiful their bottoms may look like, if they are not comfortable wearing them and even if the whale tail trend is popular and therefore is common, then they may not look too cool with it.