Whale Tale

The whale tale is the exposed waistband of a sexy woman’s underwear, such as a g-string or a thong, when she is wearing low-rise jeans or when she bends over. It is called such because it resembles that of the “Y-shaped” structure of the tail of a whale. The popularity of this trend may in one way have lead to development of more beautiful and intimate swimwear such as the thong bikini, underwear, and also of women’s trousers. Either it is exposed intentionally or not, it may either be seen as vulgar by conservative people or as a fashion statement by others. This trend is popular among young women with good-looking bottoms, as the intricately designed g-string will further emphasize and sometimes accentuate their buttocks. Most of these women also sport a tattoo on the part of their bottom to be exposed, as an added accessory.

The rise of the low-rise

This trend is said to may have risen from the popularity of the low-rise jeans at the early part of the 2000s. Low-rise jeans would expose the underwear underneath, and of course, it is a very noticeable fashion statement. At first it was seen as a distraction, particularly among the academic grounds of university campuses. However, as the trend became popular, especially with the help of some famous women celebrities who helped popularize it, many young women also embraced the trend. Though it is still seen as a vulgar act, or even making women mere sexual symbols, the trend still catches on and is still popular among young women, particularly among college girls.

Most creative word

As a testament of how the trend captured the mainstream and pop culture, the term “whale tail” was actually voted by the American Dialect Society as the “most creative word” for the year 2005. This, according to some experts, also showed that women are more influential in terms of pop culture than men. Since the trend and the term relates basically a women’s fashion statement, it shows how they were ahead in influencing mainstream popular culture, or at least making a trend more popular. The term is actually now considered as an accepted jargon in fashion and in urban culture.

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As it was still considered by many as vulgar, it is not surprising that various legislative acts were passed or at least were attempted to be passed to outlaw it. Several states have passed bills that would outlaw the exposure of “intimate clothing,” giving punishments for those who will violate it. Of course, several liberal organizations tried to oppose them. Some of the bills were rejected, although some did became laws.

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